Al Awraki Death a Washington Debate

Dated: 10/01/2011

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If you have seen ant news reports in the past couple of day's. The headline may have been about the Washington Debate that seems to be going on about the Death of Anwar al Awlaki in Yeman. Awlaki was U.S. born and allegedly used his speaking fluent English to plot to Kill Americans. As for the Debate about this subject. The Attorneys, Civil Liberties groups, and other Terrorist Sympathizers can debate all they want to, but the apparent Facts are these:

Anwar Al Arwaki, was apparently a Traitor to the United States of America.  Also, it is probable that more Americans would have died had he continued with apparent Terrorist Activities. Last , but not Least as an American. There should be laws stripping U.S. born citizens of their citizenship if they are involved in Terrorist groups, or activies of any kind.

By Curtis griffin

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