Benefits of buying a Home

Dated: 04/26/2012

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Are you afraid to make the leap and purchase a home?  Well don't be.  buying a home will probably be one of the biggest investments you will ever make.  buying a home versus renting one has so many more benefits.  When you purchase a home the interest you pay is tax deductible which will yield you a larger tax refund.  Purchasing a home in this market would be a win win situation because the values of homes had decreased in the past 5 years and are bound to increase in the future.  Not only that, but the housing market is inudated with foreclosures being sold below market value.  You could quite possibly find a home with instant equity.  For more information about buying a home in today's market, please contact me at 757-478-9836.

Danita Hayes, MBA


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Mario Powell

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