Chesapeake Public Schools Bus Routes

Dated: 08/24/2011

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I have three kids and I am not ashamed to admit I absolutely can not wait until school starts. We live in the Battlefield Greenbrier section of Chesapeake Virginia and my children attend three different schools so bus timing is important to me. Chesapeake Public Schools has published the 2011 Bus Routes List. you can access it thru this link: Chesapeake Public Schools Bus Routes 2011 All though I can bet that buses will be late or (one year it never came) when it does show up I will jump for joy when I see that big yellow bus! I may even buy a present for the bus driver! It has been a long hot summer and we went on an awesome vacation but it is definitely time for all people in my home under 18 to be back in school! Chesapeake Public Schools students start school Sept 6th. BRIGHT AND EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!! I can dream alone, build alone and strive alone, but true success always requires the help and support of others. Please send me your referrals. Visit my website today, The Hampton Roads Real Estate Lady! Deandrea Dee Dee Jones Associate Broker Blu Skyy Realty Virginia Beach, VA [email protected] [email protected]
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Alycia Jordan

Having lived in other cities, such as Cleveland and Idaho Falls, I only appreciate Hampton Roads that much more. Why? Because from almost anywhere in our area, a beach is only about a 20 minute dri....

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