Crushfest at Watermans in Virginia Beach

Dated: 04/28/2011

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On Sunday, April 17th, Waterman's in Virginia Beach had their annual Crushfest extravaganza at the Oceanfront. Famously named for their Orange Crush drinks, Crushfest was indeed a crush fest that was enjoyed by all. With live bands and musicians of all kinds of playing, it certainly made the beach a vibrant and lively place to be. It was truly a Sunday Fun Day. Waterman's wasn't the only spot that was poppin off. Other local restaurants and bars were competing as people packed places like Mahi Mah's on the boardwalk. It was great to see Virginia Beach in such a way that its residents were enjoying themselves and taking full advantage of a beautiful Sunday on the beach. It was a great kickoff to summer.
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Alycia Jordan

Having lived in other cities, such as Cleveland and Idaho Falls, I only appreciate Hampton Roads that much more. Why? Because from almost anywhere in our area, a beach is only about a 20 minute dri....

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