Finding the Right Family Pet

Dated: 11/09/2012

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So you've made the decision to become  a pet owner, now what? Most people think Cat or Dog, but there are actually a lot more options for a good family pet that will provide you with unconditional love. So how do you choose? Weigh the pros and cons! Below you will find a list of pets you could be the happy owner of what type of family they are best suited for.


Pro: Loving, Loyal, "Man's Best Friend." Dogs love being part of a family!

Cons: Require a lot of care. Grooming, exercising and tons of affections and attention. Not always good for a family that works long hours or is always gone.


Pros: Easy to care for. Low maintainence. Laid back and relaxed personality that enjoys cuddling.

Cons: Can be very indepedent and not a fan of the aggressive and obvious affections that a dog is.


Pros: Fun, friendly, cheery. Can be very smart and trained to "talk" and sit on your shoulder.

Cons: MESSY! Requires a lot of care and daily cage cleaning. Can also be loud.


Pros: Very low maintenence (depending on the species). Good for those with allergies or limited space.

Cons: No affection. Can't cuddle or play with a fish.


Pros: Very docile. Consider excellent first pets for small children. Love to cuddle and be pet.

Cons: Require daily exercise and can be messy


Pros: Cute and cuddly, great for those with small spaces.

Cons: They're nocturnal and have been known to bite.


Pros: Can be litter trained and to come when called. Also can be playful and cuddly

Cons: Have been known to bite. They are slightly higher maintenence and cannot live outside despite common thought.


Pros: Like fish they can be kept in a cage which is good for those that live in small spaces as well as those with pet dander allergies.

Cons: Can bite or be aggressive. They can also carry diseases on their skin like Salmonela 

So, now that we have reviewed the different types of pets out there, hopefully you have a better understanding of what pet would be the best fit for you and your family!



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