How To Keep Your Home Free Of Stinkbugs

Dated: 10/14/2013

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Stinkbugs are becoming a huge problem on the East coast. These little creatures hitched a ride from Asia, and have made the east coast their new home. Native to farmlands and fields, the breeding of these bugs has caused them to branch out into residential areas. During the summer months, the bugs are content to the warm weather outside. However, as the weather is turning chillier, they may begin to seek the warmth of your home. What can you do when you spot a stinkbug inside your home? 

Firstly, DON'T SQUASH IT! The name "stinkbug" comes from the odor that the bug emits from its abdomen when it senses prey (or death). The odor emits pheromones that other stinkbugs notice, and will come towards, in attempt to aid their fellow companion. 
Instead, try to trap the bug in a cup with a lid, a ziplock bag, or inside a vacuum cleaner. Try to do each of these things without pushing the bug or hurting it in any way, or your home will not smell very pleasant for the next few hours. You want to try and get the little buggers as soon as possible, because they will seek woodwork to lay their eggs in. Eggs will hatch in the springtime, when the weather turns nicer. 
If you have already noticed a few stinkbugs inside the home, you can take a little protection to the exterior of your home. Mix 3 parts water and 1 part Dawn soap in a spray bottle. Spray the moldings of all doors and windows with the soap mixture. The chemicals in the soap are a repellant for stinkbugs. Make sure any cracks, crevices, or warped doors are caulked in or repaired. Not only do exposed areas allow bugs to enter, but it allows the heating that you are paying for to escape. 
Hopefully you don't have any stinkbugs come knocking, but if you do, you are prepared! 
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