Ice Cream Truck Wars

Dated: 07/31/2011

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Ice cream is tough business. Who would've thought? I mean a lot of people love it. But who would've known it was this serious? Don't let the happy music fool you. Ice cream truck wars are raging in Corolla, NC and it's vicious out there: Last week, one ice cream vendor called the Currituck County sheriff on another, claiming that three trucks were following her. Another female driver carries an electronic shocking device after getting harassed by competing male drivers. Last year, a driver slugged another driver after he was cut off by the other truck. He was charged with simple assault. An ice cream truck owner found the tires slashed on his truck. He could not prove who did it but believes it was a competitor. One owner threatened a lawsuit when another vendor painted his trucks almost exactly the same, with spotted cows. The competitor changed only the color of the spots. We're gonna have to introduce legislation to settle down the ice cream trucking industry at this pace. It's a war out there.
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Alycia Jordan

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