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Dated: 10/13/2015

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Virginia Beach currently has one of the best real estate markets in the state. There’s plenty of opportunity for homebuyers and sellers alike. But the market itself isn’t the only thing going for anyone interested in buying or selling a house in Virginia Beach. The ability for residents of all ages and walks of life to live it up in Virginia Beach makes the area especially attractive.

Unplug at Virginia Beach

Most Americans suffer the same ailment; no matter hard we try, we find it difficult to unplug from today’s digital world. Everything from our entertainment to our work keeps us plugged in. So, wouldn’t it be nice to live in a place where unplugging is easy? If you say yes, then it’s time to shop for real estate in or nearby Virginia Beach.

The pros to Virginia Beach properties include promotion of a lifestyle encouraging unplugging and relaxation. In fact, the benefits of beachside living include better wellbeing, both mentally and physically. In this area, you’ll find numerous outdoor distractions from the beach itself to festivals and events, all promoting a healthy break from the stress of today’s digital lifestyle.

Outdoor Adventures Galore

The mild temperatures of Virginia Beach mean prime time for outdoor adventure is year ‘round. Some of the best beach parks can be found in and around the area, including First Landing State Park.

A total of 4,000 park and natural refuge acres stretches across Virginia Beach. 194 navigable kilometers of waterways are also found here. It’s an outdoor enthusiast’s dream from hiking and nature watching to high impact sports like kayaking and biking.

Miles of unspoiled beaches and ocean-to-freshwater bay habitat are just waiting to be discovered. If fishing if your thing, there is plenty to be had. Virginia Beach is known as the “striped bass capital of the world.” Fall and winter are two of the best seasons for fishing. In fact, you can likely stir up your own fishing frenzy during your free time whether you prefer open water, pond or stream fishing.

Good Food and Good Friends

It’s no secret that coastal locations are prime places for some of the best food in the nation. Virginia Beach is no exception with an array of high star restaurants specializing in the creation of fresh, local dishes. Nearby at the Chesapeake Bay, some of the most calming and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets can be had right alongside some of the most outstanding seafood restaurants.

A sampling of the local foods includes Chesapeake Bay blue crabs, sea bass, speckled trout, salty Lynnhaven oysters, croaker, red drum, and flounder. It’s the perfect place in which to enjoy two of the most important things in life—good food and good friends.

The local community supports flourishing tourism and permanent residents. It’s a haven of excellence for foodies, and it’s the perfect spot to invite friends and family to vacation. Unlike other coastal locations, much of the cuisine combines the freshness of local seafood with the zest of southern flavor. It’s an unparalleled combination for the taste buds.

There is plenty to do in and around the area, which is part of why Virginia Beach is one of the top places to buy a house in the continental United States. Virginia Beach is known for some of the best festivals. There is always something to do, from exploring a boardwalk filled with various artists to activities and outings.

Available Virginia Beach Properties

The real estate market in Virginia Beach and the surrounding Greater Hampton Roads area is diverse. Investment opportunities exist for those seeking rental properties to either purchase and earn income from or inhabit part-time. The area is rich in both modern and traditional homes. It truly is a place where there is something for everyone.

Are you ready to stake your claim to a place where unplugging is the norm? It’s time to treat you, your family and your friends to the best things in life. Discover Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads. Contact us today to launch a search for the perfect home, vacation or otherwise. And don’t hesitate to contact us for help in listing and selling your home or property.

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